Top 10 People Caught Ruining Priceless Art On Camera


Some of the stupid people in this video went through a much more embarrassing ordeal – destroying priceless masterpieces of art – all whilst on camera.
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Be Amazed at these Top 10 Masterpieces Destroyed On Camera! Priceless Clock Smashes – This is a tale of why you should pay attention to signs, literally… In the National Watch and Clock Museum in Columbia Pennsylvania, an elderly couple approach a priceless clock hanging on the wall. Man Destroys Last Remaining Phonograph – On a live TechTV talk, a guest breaks a one of a kind phonograph tube invented by Thomas Edison himself. This particular phonograph contained the only copy of Thomas Edison talking to President Benjamin Harrison in 1889. Woman Falls into Sandcastle Masterpiece – This is as close to a castle as you can get with sand, with an attention-to-detail to rival Hogwart’s castle in Harry Potter. Banksy’s Heart-Shaped Balloon Vandalised – Banksy is somewhat of a controversial figure in art. Some called his art vandalism, as it involves painting public walls. However, it’s difficult to resist wincing when those depictions, valued in the hundreds of thousands of pounds in some cases, are ruined. In 2014, his mural piece called the girl with the pierced eardrum was discovered with black paint splattered all over it less than 24 hours after its creation. Confederate Monument Torn Down – Protesters rallying in North Carolina toppled a Confederate statue that was nearly a century old by looping a rope around the bronze soldier and pulling it down while recording the process on camera. Glass Sculpture Broken by Kids While Parents Watch – in 2014, two children destroy a glass sculpture described as invaluable while their parents took pictures of them doing it. The incident was filmed on CCTV. The parents take snaps of them as they pull and tug on the sculpture, having run underneath the dividing rope and seem to not have any concerns with their raucous behavior towards it. Boy Punches Through Painting Valued at $1.5 million – How strong do you need to be to punch through a valuable painting? The answer is, as strong as small boy. Taiwan’s Central news agency showed footage of a young man walking by a hanging painting said to be valued at $1.5 million, before stumbling.

Man Smashes $1 Million Vase Deliberately – In 2014, a man in Miami was arrested for smashing a one million dollar vase created by artist Ai Weiewei. What’s more, he was caught on camera doing it. Maximo Caminero, aged 51, was charged with criminal mischief after he picked up one of the 16 brightly painted vases. ISIS destroy “idolaltry” historic art – In Mosul Museum, which is the second largest museum in Iraq, ISIS supporters stormed through its levels and pummelled antiquities that went far back as 7th century BCE. The destruction in Mosul Museum took place in 26 February 2015 and was recorded by ISIL. In a rampage that any six-year-old boy might fantasize about, these artefacts of history were shattered one by one. Woman Accidentally Destroys $200,000 Worth of Art by Taking a Selfie – On 14 July 2017, a woman visited the 14th Factory Art Exhibition, which was a not-for-profit project held in Los Angeles.

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