Top 10 Biggest Man-Made Structures In The World


There are huge man-made objects made by human beings. Brick by brick, piece by piece, these huge structures may seem impossibly gargantuan, but they stand as reminders of man’s ingenuity and dedication. Here are ten of the largest structures ever made by humans.
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Be Amazed at these biggest man-made structures! Great Wall of China – Around the 7th Century BC, small walls were built to protect parts of China’s empires from raids and invasions. The Three Gorges Dam – The first idea for building a large dam across the Yangtzee River was discussed in 1919 as a means of producing a staggering amount ofenergy due to the strength of the river. New Century Global Center – With 18,000,000 square feet of floor space, the New Century Global Center has the distinction of being the world’s largest building when measured by floor space. Submarine Communication Cables – With all the gigantic objects mentioned, it seems silly to mention communication cables… but believe it or not, they are just as large as some of hugest buildings on Earth. Bingham Canyon Mine – While we think of height and weight as factors to determine the largest man made objects on Earth, it’scrucial to also think about the opposite.

Aerium – To house newly constructed airships, a huge construction hall was created in a spot outside of Berlin. Large Hadron Collider – Sometimes, in order to understand things at the smallest, microscopic option… we need something huge to help us out. Great Mosque of Mecca – With information extrapolated from the Quran, it’s estimated that work began on the first component of the Great Mosque of Mecca in 2130 BC. Boeing Everett Factory – To build something huge… you need a building that is massive. While Boeing’s $1 Billion 777X Composite wing center is big, and the Air Force’s 11.5 Million Cubic Meters Plant in Forth Worth, Texas is even bigger… they are not the largest building. Burj Khalifa – The word “Skyscraper” was first coined in the late 19th century to apply to the new steel framed buildings being constructed that were over 10 stories tall.

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