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Alexisonfire performing You Burn First live at Hordern Pavilion in on 11 December 2012, recorded exclusively Moshcam.

Alexisonfire rose up out the Southern Ontario underground in late 2001 like some monstrous and utterly captivating car-accident-in-progress. Hitting the ground with an immediate full head steam, Dallas Green, George Pettit, Wade MacNeil, Chris Steele and Jordan Hastings have not only impressed the critics with their sour/sweet approach to performance and writing, but are recognized for their stellar musicianship, and the palpably pent-up tightness the band live.

In August 2011, George posted a message to on the band’s official website stating that with the departure of two members, Alexisonfire would issue several special releases and complete a farewell tour before parting ways. In terms of farewells, it was a fittingly fierce one. ten years together, Canadian post-hardcore kings Alexisonfire called it a day in 2011, but they weren’t going out without a helluva party and one last tour. Australia was lucky enough to be one of just four countries they’d visit and Moshcam was lucky enough to capture their searing swansong in Sydney.


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